The animal kingdom is recognized for being particularly protective of its young, as well as for universal love in general. But this is one of those experiences that you will remember or tell your friends about from time to time. This is breaking news from Monterey Bay, California. Prepare to watch a stunningly lovely sight captured by animal lover and photographer Suzi Eszterhas.

The 40-year-old, the highly skilled photographer, was astounded and moved to witness a mother otter floating with her young on her tummy, which was off the water. Scroll down to read more of the article and share your thoughts in the comments section below. More information and image credit: CatsMyLife


She was hovering above the water, keeping her baby safe and warm. This seasoned photographer was taken aback by this Otter mother’s obvious affection for her adorable offspring.


The Otter mother would go beneath the water to get some food while keeping her young on the surface, as it preferred. This demonstrated the purest kind of love from the animal realm.


Suzi captured this wonderful moment with a long-range lens, but the Otter mother had already noticed her. Even though otters are often a reclusive and solitary species, this Otter mother kept the infant on the surface near Suzi while diving into the water in search of food.

When the mother returned, this wildlife photographer was quickly elevated from photographer to babysitter.


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