Even if you love animals, you probably haven’t seen many of the 1,367,555 different non-insect species on Earth. Don’t be sad about this; think about all the rare animals you still have a chance to discover! Some of these animals have been featured in the past as adults, but this time Hot Flav has a list of cute baby animals that you might not have known existed.

From a small and fluffy Southern Pudu fawn to a playful Dumbo Octopus, these unusual and adorable animals will make you say “aww.” Don’t forget to share this article with your favorite.

Scroll down and see more cute baby animals.

#1 Baby Tarsier

Baby Tarsier

#2 Cute Echidna Puggle

Cute Echidna Puggle
battlesmurf,Justin Benson-Cooper/Newspix / Rex Features

#3 Adorable Baby Tree Kangaroo

Baby Tree Kangaroo
Perth Zoo

#4 Patagonian Mara Babies

Patagonian Mara Babies
Artis Royal Zoo

#5 Baby Fennec Fox

Baby Fennec Fox
ahmed elkadirii,IN CHERL KIM

#6 Baby White-Nosed Coati

Baby White-Nosed Coati
Alea Christine

#7 Adorable Chacoan Peccary Baby

Adorable Chacoan Peccary Baby

#8 Cute Baby Axolotl

Cute Baby Axolotl

#9 Baby Sunda Colugo

Baby Sunda Colugo
Hendy Lie Hendy Lie

#10 Baby Aardvark

Baby Aardvark
Andrew Bowden

#11 Cute Pangolin

Cute Pangolin
Firdia Lisnawati,KermitTheSnail

#12 Cute African Wild Dog

Cute African Wild Dog

#13 Baby Bongo

Baby Bongo
Stephanie Adams/Houston Zoo,Gareth Fuller

#14 Baby Quoll

Baby Quoll

#15 Gerenuk Calf

Gerenuk Calf
Tyler Corder,Mike Wilson

#16 Adorable Southern Pudu Fawn

Adorable Southern Pudu Fawn

#17 Baby Mouse Deer

Baby Mouse Deer
Chester Zoo,Chester Zoo

#18 Sumatran Rhino Baby

Sumatran Rhino Baby
AP,Susie Ellis/International Rhino Foundation

#19 Baby Tapir

Baby Tapir
Amiee Stubbs / Nashville Zoo

#20 Cute Baby Takin

Cute Baby Takin
San Diego Zoo

#21 Baby Bactrian Camel

Baby Bactrian Camel
Mark Dumont

#22 Baby Elephant Shrew

Baby Elephant Shrew
Black Zack,manchestereveningnews

#23 Baby Lowland Streaked Tenrec

Baby Lowland Streaked Tenrec

#24 Fluffy Honduran White Bat Baby

Fluffy Honduran White Bat Baby
James Storer,Hernani Oliveira

#25 Baby African Bat

Baby African Bat

#26 Cute Baby Sugarglider

Cute Baby Sugarglider

#27 Babirusa Babies

Babirusa Babies
Ion Moe/sandiegozoo,http://animals.sandiegozoo.org/

#28 African Bat-Eared Foxes

African Bat-Eared Foxes

#29 Adorable Saiga Baby

Adorable Saiga Baby
Rich Reading,babyanimalzoo.com/

#30 Cute Baby Gundi

Cute Baby Gundi
Joachim S. Müller


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