Many dogs in the US need a loving home. Animal shelters throughout the country have them. These canines need adoption so that they can live the lives they deserve. They rely on the workers and volunteers at the shelter to look after them and be kind to them while they wait.

These volunteers are incredible at giving the dogs the care they require. They play with them, take them for walks, and feed them. They are constantly available to lend the dogs a sympathetic ear when necessary. Working with shelter dogs is an excellent opportunity for dog lovers to improve their neighborhood and assist these creatures in finding the love and companionship they deserve.

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Blankets For Shelter Dogs

An elderly woman named Maisie Green from the UK has made more than 450 blankets for dogs in a shelter to keep them warm during chilly nights. She stands out from other kind helpers who also contribute to the shelter. Maisie’s dedication and generosity have been recognized as she helps make the dogs’ stay in kennels more comfortable.


Blankets For Shelter Dogs

This program assists people who are homeless and own dogs to ensure their furry friends stay warm during the winter season.


Blankets For Shelter Dogs


Blankets For Shelter Dogs

Green found using her knitting skills to help animals very attractive. Since she enjoys and is skilled at knitting, she decided to share her talents with those in need. Helping animals through knitting seemed perfect for her to make a difference.


Blankets For Shelter Dogs

This lovely 89-year-old lady enjoys knitting blankets and doggy coats, which combines her two favorite things – knitting and dogs! It takes her three days to knit a cozy blanket for people to snuggle up with and only one day to knit a warm coat for a furry friend. She likes to keep herself busy by knitting while watching TV. She’s happy to use her hobby to help the dogs at the center somehow.


Blankets For Shelter Dogs

Green has been doing a good deed for 3 years by donating blankets and coats for needy dogs. She does this three times a year with the help of her family. They make over a dozen handmade items, such as blankets and coats, to give to the pups each time.


Blankets For Shelter Dogs


Blankets For Shelter Dogs

The manager of Dogs Trust Basildon expressed gratitude for Maisie’s regular donations of knitted items, which are helpful during the cold winter months. The dogs at the shelter appreciate the warmth and comfort they provide.


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