David Latimer has created an amazing closed ecosystem by growing a garden in a big glass bottle that he sealed and has only opened once in almost 60 years. This is an incredible example of how nature can work in a self-sustaining environment.

In 1960, Latimer made a terrarium garden on Easter Sunday. He put some compost and water into a big glass bottle called a carboy and added a spiderwort sprout. Spiderwort sprouts are usually grown outside, but he put them in the bottle using wires. In 1972, he opened the bottle to add more water. After that, he sealed the bottle, which had been closed ever since. The only thing the garden needs to survive is sunlight!

If you put plants in a closed jar with compost, they can grow without needing extra care. This is because the compost has bacteria that break down dead plants and turn oxygen into carbon dioxide, which the plants use to live. It’s like a tiny world that works independently, showing us how different ecosystems can exist.

(via: dailymail)


Sealed Bottle Garden


Sealed Bottle Garden


Sealed Bottle Garden

Source Credit Bored Panda


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