Annie, a 99-year-old lady, had a unique wish to get arrested before she passed away. Surprisingly, her local police department was delighted to fulfill her desire. They helped her to get arrested in a friendly way.

Annie’s unique experience resulted from her special request to the police. She had always been fascinated by law enforcement officers’ work and wanted to experience what it was like being inside a jail cell. The police station granted her wish and allowed her to sit inside a cell briefly, with handcuffs fastened for safety reasons.

The photo shared on Facebook shows the joy and excitement on Annie’s face as she finally fulfilled her dream of being inside a jail cell. The police officers were also happy to make her wish come true and glad to see that she enjoyed her experience.

This unusual event serves as an example of how sometimes police officers can go above and beyond their duties to fulfill the community’s wishes. While it is not typical to allow someone who has not committed a crime to sit in a cell, the Nijmegen-Zuid police station made an exception for Annie, who was thrilled by her unique experience.

Annie, who is 99 years old, wished to be arrested before she died, so the nearby police took her into custody.

99-Year-Old Woman Getting Arrested

When she was taken into custody at her house, she was permitted to sit in a cell with handcuffs on for a short period.

99-Year-Old Woman Getting Arrested

Annie got special permission to visit a prison, which is not usually allowed. However, it was worth it because it made her very happy.

99-Year-Old Woman Getting Arrested

Annie has an exciting bucket list, and we hope everything goes well for her as she lives life to the fullest!

99-Year-Old Woman Getting Arrested

Source Credit Bored Panda


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