At first, discovering a small animal fastened to the back of your much-loved pet may appear to be a terrifying situation; yet, this can be a pretty heartwarming experience in some instances. For example, Sally Watkinson saw a baby Australian ringtail possum desperately clinging to the back of her puli dog. The possum was trying to save its own life.

The woman posted a series of pictures on her Facebook page that depicted the cutest tiny possum hitching a ride on the back of her dog Kato. The images were related to the incident that occurred earlier. She also disclosed further information regarding the incident, including the fact that it had occurred twice previously!

Sally initially noticed a newborn possum perched on the back of one of her animals. Fortunately, neither of her dogs seemed to have taken any interest in the little marsupial. Jon, her partner, spent the afternoon looking for groups that could help with wildlife rescue. The canines were ultimately taken to the vet. The possum, on the other hand, was taken and eventually delivered to a wildlife rescue organization.

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When a woman from Australia discovered a little animal clinging to her dog’s back, she made a discovery that took her completely by surprise.

A possum
A possum

And then, just one day later, Sally updated everyone by saying it had occurred again. This time, the woman from Australia discovered a young youngster clinging to her dog’s fur. “This one was annoying him a bit more since it seemed to be digging in a bit,” Watkinson wrote in a Facebook post. “Huggo [her other dog] was still ignoring it,” she added.

A possum

Sally described their second journey to the veterinarian’s office, this time with still another baby possum, by saying, “This time, the vet nurse practically fell off her chair when we turned up.” According to the information provided by the woman, this possum was a male and “should likewise be okay.” In the comments section underneath the post she initially made, Watkinson provided further details and information regarding the circumstance. A wildlife caretaker offers excellent care for young animals. When they are mature enough, they will be put back in their original environment. The two individuals think that the possums’ mother was taken by a possum catcher, which resulted in the possums being orphaned. The disappointing information was revealed by a woman who said, “Possum man has not returned calls regarding what happened to the mother. Therefore, there is no option to reunite and release.” She also reported that they consulted the veterinarian, who informed them that possums like the ones found typically have a litter of two to three, so they are keeping an eye out in case there is a third one somewhere. She said the possums were found in an area with a lot of vegetation.

A possum

Bored Panda has contacted Watkinson to obtain further information. We are quite relieved that the small possums decided to cling to the dog that came to their rescue. The dog, who happily didn’t mind the little marsupials hitching a free ride on his back, saved them.

A possum

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