“This is not endearing. “This is awful,” declared Cat The Vet, a veterinary surgeon located in the United Kingdom, on her TikTok channel while displaying a photo of the loveliest flat-faced Persian Cat in the background of the video. You wouldn’t be shocked if this beautiful fuzzy ball had an Instagram page with thousands of followers, as he looks eerily similar to the famous Grumpy Cat character. After all, why would anyone ever describe them as cruel?

However, a series of eye-opening TikTok films by Cat The Vet reveal that many famous and impawsibly cute pet breeds are suffering from severe health issues. It is the not-so-cute aspect of our beloved pets that is often neglected in the video series titled “Pets That People Think Are Cute But Aren’t!”

Pets ranging from Scottish fold and flat-faced dogs to munchkin and Persian cats are featured in Cat’s movies, which will provide you with a whole new viewpoint on the desirable quality of “cuteness” in pets and how it can be detrimental to them.

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#1 Scottish Fold Cats

Scottish Fold Cats

“Take a look at those lovely folded ears, aren’t they just the cutest thing you’ve ever seen? Do you have any idea why they fold? Because they have weak, deteriorating cartilage in their joints, which causes them to collapse under their own weight. Do you know whether you have cartilage in any other places? Every single one of your body’s joints. And do you have any idea what awful, weak cartilage can cause? Arthritis. It is a severe and debilitating joint illness that we are essentially breeding these cats on purpose, simply because we think their little ears are adorable. However, it is not a sufficient justification for raising a cat that spends most of its life completely paralyzed and is terminated at a young age because it cannot walk. You should notify brands and celebrities if you notice these kitties being utilized for advertising or marketed as the ‘latest thing to have’ and tell them that this is not cute. This is inhumane.”

cat_the_vet,Mihai Matei

#2 Flat Faced Dog Breeds

Flat Faced Dog Breeds

“These dogs have fantastic personalities and make wonderful pets, but we need to address the fact that they are discriminated against due to their appearance.”. For starters, many of these dogs have noses that are typically simply little, narrow slits. On the inside, their faces may look flat on the outside. Still, they often contain nearly as much tissue as a dog with a regular length nose, which can seriously impair oxygen flow through their airways. You know those adorable photographs of dogs falling asleep with toys in their mouths or their heads propped up on their owners’ laps that you see all over the internet? When they relax, all of the excess tissue in their mouths collapses. If they didn’t have the toy or something to prop their head up, they’d practically suffocate while sleeping, so they do it to keep their heads from falling asleep. Skin disorders are also common, with sweaty, itchy skin folds being the most noticeable. Because the same number of teeth as regular dogs are crammed into such a small space, painful dental decay is common. Spinal anomalies are extremely prevalent, and as a result, they can have difficulty walking or even become paralyzed. Furthermore, their cute, protruding pupils indicate that they commonly suffer from unpleasant eye disorders.”


#3 Munchkin Cats

Munchkin Cats

They have a genetic abnormality that has caused their legs to become extremely short. Even though I understand why people are drawn to them, it does not change the reality that we purposely breed cats with a crippling genetic abnormality simply because we think they are cute. Consider how naturally active our cats are, how much they like running, jumping, and generally having a good time. Munchkin cats still have those instincts, but they cannot use them as often or as effectively as they formerly could since we have purposely restricted their movements. X-rays reveal precisely how severely deformed their arms and joints have become. Comparing the two, notice how smooth and straight the average Cat’s one is, while the Munchkin cat’s one is short and twisted. When you reach the elbow joint of an ordinary cat to the elbow joint of a Munchkin cat, you’ll see how smooth and clean it is opposed to how terrible and ugly it is. The result would be that they would be not only physically constrained in how much they can move, but that this joint would also be highly uncomfortable. International Cat Care, one of the world’s foremost scientific organizations dedicated to feline research, has issued the following statement regarding Munchkin cats: “Our attitude on breeding cats is that first and foremost, no harm should be done. Suppose there is even the slightest possibility that having this ‘appearance’ would cause issues. In that case, we should not be accepting of it as a breed based on a genetic abnormality,” says the author.

cat_the_vet,Tasy Hong

#4 Toad Bulldog, Or Exotic Bully

 Toad Bulldog, Or Exotic Bully

“To put it simply, someone came to say, “Hey, let’s take the bulldog with their flat faces and poor skin, and horrible health problems, and make it worse!” Take a look at the how the limbs of this sad dog are shaped. That is, predestined elbow dysplasia, hip dysplasia, and severe arthritis are all absolutely and completely predetermined. Even walking is tough for these canines. Some countries consider the production of these canines unlawful because it is considered “torture breeding.” And, of course, to further add insult to injury, they always cut off their ears as a last resort.”


#5 Flat Faced Cat Breeds

Flat Faced Cat Breeds

“Their narrow nostrils make it difficult for them to breathe adequately invariably. When you compare their features to those of an ordinary cat, you’ll note how little, pinched, and squished they are. They suffer from dental difficulties should come as no surprise given the limited amount of space available for their teeth! It is possible that their skulls are severely deformed and flat, which might cause catastrophic brain disorders and even death in some cases. Because they have flat faces, their tears cannot drain correctly, resulting in extremely sticky, unclean, and painful diseased skin on their cheeks and chins. And what about those gorgeous, piercing blue eyes that are so highly sought after? Because they protrude so far from the rest of the group, they are extremely prone to difficulties. They are further insulted by their extremely fluffy and thick coat, which they are unable to maintain themselves.”


#6 Pekingese Dogs

Pekingese Dogs

“As a result of their physical appearance, they suffer greatly. As a result of their extremely flat heads, they suffer from all of the problems that brachycephalic breeds suffer from, including problems with their eyes, respiration, and skinfolds. When you look at their skeleton compared to that of a regular dog, it becomes clear why they have so many movement issues. In addition to their flat faces, the Pekingese are quite susceptible to overheating, which is primarily due to the massive coats they’ve been bred with, but also because of their massive coats. A ‘Best In Show’ pekingese dog sits on an ice pack in this photograph, which was taken to keep him cool while competing in the show ring.”



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