This adorable photo of a baby kangaroo hugging a teddy bear is capturing hearts around the world. The baby kangaroo, named “Doodlebug,” is an orphaned eastern grey kangaroo being cared for by Gillian Abbott in Northern Rivers, New South Wales, Australia. Tim Beshara, an advisor to Greens senator Peter Whish-Wilson, shared the photo on Twitter.

It’s important to remember that all animals, including baby kangaroos, need social connections and love to grow and thrive. Doodlebug found comfort in the teddy bear, just as it would in a real friend. The care and love provided by Gillian Abbott will ensure that Doodlebug grows into a healthy and happy adult. The photo of Doodlebug and its teddy bear shows the importance of love and care for young animals and how even a small comfort can make a big difference.

More info: Twitter (h/t: theweek)

Baby Kangaroo

According to Beshara, the baby kangaroo either fell out of its mother’s pouch or its mother passed away. The kangaroo was just a few months old when it was given to Beshara’s mother’s wildlife company, WIRES. Her mother worked hard to nurse the kangaroo back to health, and now it is happily hopping around the forest but still comes back for a feeding or cuddle now and then, as the picture shows.

Doodlebug is not a wallaby but rather an Eastern grey kangaroo. However, Tim’s photos of Doodlebug snuggling with a teddy bear have become extremely popular and have captured the hearts of many people. These pictures show how important a good hug can be, especially for a baby wallaby who has lost its mother.

Baby Kangaroo


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