Cats can be so adorable that we sometimes forget that they are lethal predators while we are petting or playing with them, and this can lead to accidents. If you make one small mistake (such as brushing their stomach), they will immediately remind you of it by biting and scratching your skin to show their displeasure with what you did.

Please do not take my word for it; instead, see for yourself. Consider checking out the Murder Mittens subreddit, which is a fascinating online community about which we’ve already written in-depth.

Despite the fact that the sub has only been around for a year, it already has 168,000 members (the reserve was formed in 2018). Members post images of lovely yet terrifying cats who enjoy showing off their claws and reminding everyone in authority that they are in charge! Here are a few examples of what I’m talking about.

#1 He Belongs to Me

He Belongs to Me

#2 With His Murder Mittens, He’s a Void

Murder Mittens

#3 Messi’s Murder Mittens Are a Massive Success

Murder Mittens

#4 Graybeard has been ripped to shreds. He allowed me to spoil him for 12 years. It was a privilege to be there.

Murder Mittens

#5 Murder Mittens that are two days old

 Murder Mittens that are two days old

The fact is that they are not supposed to be idle. Continuing, “Cats must engage in natural behaviours, such as hunting, to preserve their emotional well-being,” Hoile explained. They will find their outlets if they are not given a proper time to do so, such as ambushing owners’ ankles or other unsuspecting cats, which could result in significant difficulties.”

It’s also not that difficult to do. “Come on, let’s play with them!” Hoile exclaimed. “Cats can display the same hunting behaviours that they do when they are playing with toys, such as stalking, pursuing, grasping, and biting, when they are playing with toys.”

#6 Izzy has only recently discovered that she is a cat.


#7 Smouldering Illegally

Smouldering Illegally

#8 Epic-Mits


Dr Marci L. Koski, a cat behaviour specialist who contributed to our earlier piece in which we showed kitties prepping for their first sneak assault, stated that it’s crucial to understand that your cat isn’t finished playing even if it appears to be after a couple of minutes.

To catch their prey, cats go through the following prey sequence: 1) Staring, 2) stalking and chasing, 3) pouncing and grasping, and 4) delivering a fatal bite are all examples of predatory behaviour. And even if they appear to have calmed down, this does not necessarily imply that they have lost interest!

“They’ve just returned to the first phase in the prey sequence, which is looking at the prey. Keep the wand toy moving to maintain engagement with your cat (even if it is only staring). You can give your kitten a small rest or switch up the lures to reengage them, but don’t give up hope just yet!” Dr Koski went on to clarify.

“The intensity of the play sessions will be greater for younger cats, but even elderly kitties and kitties with special needs will enjoy themselves. If you have finished playing with your cat, feed them to get into the natural hunting, eating, grooming, and sleeping routine that all cats perform. Maintaining a normal schedule that revolves around play and food will help you to notice a difference in your cat’s attitude and happiness.”

Just bear in mind that spending quality time with your darling kitty may result in you receiving a few “battle scars.”

#9 holding the paws with one side of the claws

holding the paws

#10 I couldn’t help but indulge myself. I needed to Poke The Beans


#11 With his weapons on display, Mr Bob is taking the opportunity to stretch. With his weapons on display, Mr Bob is taking the opportunity to extend.

Murder Mittens

#12 You are not alone in this. He sees you when you are sleeping. He knows when you’re awake and when you’re asleep.

Murder Mittens

#13 You should Squint, But I Promise They Are There. I Also Felt Them In My Eyelid

telling secret

#14 Uno is a new character. He’s essentially a Bond villain in every sense of the word.

Murder Mittens

#15 Finding Her Deadly Mittens was a terrifying experience.

Murder Mittens

#16 Combo of Murder Mittens and Double Fang

Murder Mittens

#17 Gismo’s Grandpa Nap Mittens, who is 18 years old.

Murder Mittens

#18 Luci-purr

Murder Mittens

#19 Welcome to the day, Murder Mittens.

Murder Mittens

#20 Introducing the One-Man Murder Mitten

Murder Mittens


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