Did you know that the gorgeous Scottish Fold felines get their floppy ears from a dominant natural mutation in the Fd gene? Or that a mutation that occurs naturally causes Manx cats, a cat that originated on the Isle of Man, to have only a short stump of a tail instead of a full one?

The fact is that some of the genetic abnormalities might lead to highly interesting variances in an individual’s physical appearance. You only need to think of Instagram’s superstars like Midas the cat, who is currently hitting the internet by storm with its four ears, or the late Grumpy Cat, whose “grumpy appearance” was caused by an underbite and feline dwarfism. Both of these conditions have since passed away.

In light of that, the purpose of this essay is to discuss how the natural world can produce unexpected and sometimes even beneficial genetic surprises in the animal kingdom.

#1 Meet Narnia, A Rare Two-Faced Cat

Two-Faced Cat

#2 Zeus, The German Shepherd Dog With Dwarfism

German Shepherd Dog With Dwarfism

#3 She Has the Gorgeous Eyes

cat with Gorgeous Eyes

#4 Because of a very unusual genetic condition, the eyes of this beautiful cat are striking two different colors.

eyes with two different colors.

#5 Rainbow-coloured reticulate snake. One further illustration of how many magnificent things in the world go unappreciated, even snakes.

Rainbow-coloured reticulate snake

#6 This Is Fanny. She Has A-Rare-Skin Condition Called Vitiligo, Causing Her Hair To Depigment

dog with Rare-Skin Condition

#7 Holy Toebeans, Big Foot

Holy Toebeans, Big Foot

#8 Cat With 4 Ears

Cat With 4 Ears

#9 I Foster With My Local Shelter And Received A Litter With One Kitten Who Has Dwarfism. She’s Half The Size Of Her Littermates. Highly Criminal. Just Dastardly

Little cat

#10 Feel Free To Boop Or High Five The Snoot

paw print on nose

#11 This Cat Must Have A Secret Identity

cat with unusual color

#12 My cat has a genetic mutation that causes her eyes to look funny. Still, her vision is unaffected.

nice eyes

#13 My Girl Has Vitiligo. When we first got her, she was completely black, but every year after then, she has developed a few more spots.

cute cat

#14 A new forever home has been found for Frankie, the one-eyed cat with four ears.

one-eyed cat with four ears.

#15 Dexter, With His Exceptionally Prolonged Tail,

 Prolonged Tail

#16 My Cat Has The Beautiful Eyes

cute kitty

#17 I found this bunny with distinctive markings, and I wanted you to know that you are also exceptional in your way. You are held with love. Just Like This Bun


#18 Please say hello to Pixel, my stunning cat that has heterochromia.

stunning cat

#19 Today, Rowdy was able to make a new friend. This is Marcus, and despite having vitiligo, he has a positive outlook on life. He Thinks That It Is Cool

cute dog

#20 I Am A Little Tiger… Vitiligo

beautiful kitty


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