One of the most prominent Zoos in Novosibirsk, Russia became a lively environment after the long-awaited wonder, the Polar bear, was introduced to the world. Polar bears are the giant predators on earth, which reproduce once every 2 or 3 years and in a habitat that is not natural significantly less often.

On 7th December 2015, the Happy white bear parents Kay and Gerda were blessed with their first cub. The adorable bear was born without hair and was completely unaided. The cub will spend the first few months of its existence within the family den as it grows stronger. It’s impossible to know the cub’s gender, and it’s too young to give the wild animal an identity.

In January, this little snow bear sat up and opened its eyes, and the ears were raised. The sweet animal has a great appetite and is rapidly gaining weight. Dad isn’t allowed to interact with the kitten, and the mother, as the staff is worried about males’ unpredictable reactions. Thus, Kay is kept in a separate enclosure in a different section for one year.

When the cute bear became an inch older, the bear and its mother got out of the den to the outdoors for the first time. The bear is enjoying the first snow of its lifetime. It is studying the world with a keen eye. However, it is having fun alongside its mommy. In the middle of March, residents and guests of Novosibirsk will have the chance to meet this adorable creature. However, for the moment, you can look at the lovely images of the animal.

At the end of March, when the cub is expected to be outside more often, it will be possible to determine the gender. Then, a contest for the most appropriate name for the cub from the polar bear will be revealed.

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On 7th December 2015, happy Bear parents Kay and Gerda had their second baby.

mother polar bear playing with her young cub

Novosibirsk Zoo personnel were concerned that the cub’s mother might not accept the cub. However, Gerda proved to be caring and responsible.

mother polar bear playing with her young cub

After being let out in nature, the cub explores the world cautiously. However, it is having fun with its mother.

mother polar bear playing with her young cub

In March the middle the citizens and visitors of Novosibirsk will be able to observe this gorgeous creature

mother polar bear playing with her young cub

Story by Victoria Lyubivaya and pictures by Anton Belovodchenko.

Source Credit Bored Panda


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