There is a threat to the survival of one of the most vital animal species, which is directly accountable for the world’s health. Pollination services provided by bees are precious to the sector of agriculture. It is estimated that pollination, primarily carried out by bees, is responsible for producing one-third of the food we consume daily. The depressing news that up to 500 million honeybees could die was brought to our attention by Brazil.


It was discovered that there were 400 million dead bees in the state of Rio Grande do Sul. Researchers have pointed fingers at pesticides, chemicals designed to kill insects and other animals.

dead bees

The use of pesticides, including those that are illegal in Europe like neonicotinoids and fipronil, has-been found to be the main cause of bee mortality


Observing how far humanity has progressed in destroying their own home to make a financial profit is excruciating


If bees were to vanish from the face-of-the earth, man would only have another four years to survive. Albert Einstien


This year, the government has approved many pesticides, which has led to the decline of bee populations



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