After finishing school, Dutch photographer Dick van Duijn, now 34 years old, worked for his parents at the fish shop they owned. Van Duijn grew up in Noordwijk, which is located on the coast of the Netherlands. After concluding that he required some form of creative expression, he purchased his first camera eight years ago. That was when he began pursuing his “greatest interest,” photography.
The photographer has extensive experience and knowledge in various subfields, including sports, wildlife, landscape, and cityscape photography. In his pursuit of breathtaking photographs, he explored every corner of the globe. Because of his immense popularity and his passion for photography, Van Duijn has been featured in a variety of media outlets all-over-the world.
On Instagram, there are currently more than 46,000 people who follow him. Recently, van Duijn’s adorable photographs of ground squirrels sniffing flowers have been making a splash on the internet.
In an interview, Van Duijn explained what inspired him to take photographs of ground squirrels clutching flowers in such a kind and affectionate way as they appear in his pictures.
“After viewing photographs taken by other photographers of these adorable animals, I became determined to get my shots of them. Because I enjoy flowers and animals, I attempted to merge the two. I am continuously looking for new techniques that will allow me to capture nature in its purest form.
The photographer provided more information on the ground squirrels: “There were a lot of curious squirrels, so it was not difficult to photograph them; nevertheless, to capture one with a flower-like this needed a lot of patience and pictures.” As soon as the squirrel put its nose to the flower and buried its face in bloom, I realized I had captured a once-in-a-lifetime photograph.
We have compiled a compilation for you below of some of van Duijn’s most stunning animal photographs. Scroll down and take in the breathtaking images, and if you think it would make someone else’s day, feel free to share this post with them.
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