Birds make up one of the animal classes with the widest variety and are evidently among the cutest. From adorable Dracula birds to regal parrots to the extravagant Golden Pheasant, these creatures never cease to impress with their unique appearances. If you’re not an avid bird watcher yet, There’s an avian species of bird that may inspire you to start your first hobby. They’re called Bearded Reedlings and have an appearance that is not easily confused with other species.

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A Bearded Reedling is a small bird with a long tail. They measure around 16.5cm in length and can be easily stuffed into your palm.

Round Bearded Birds
Image credits: Kev Chapman

Their distinctive appearance can be easily recognized in the wild. Look for a tiny egg-shaped bird with a fluffy, fluffy appearance who likes to rest in a split of three branches.

Round Bearded Birds
Image credits: rado_vaclav

Males are easily identified by their ginger-brown slacks with blueish-grey eyes.

They also sport black, mustache-like marks that run between their eyes and down to their throats, with similar black streaks underneath their tails.

Although they are still quite like males but females are more distinct.

They’re much lighter and do not have any mustache marks or black streaks beneath their hoods. They also have darker beaks than males.

Round Bearded Birds
Image credits: nickpix2008

The species is known for its extreme range, and shrinking, although not alarming amounts.

Round Bearded Birds
Image credits: rado_vaclav

Bearded Reedlings are not well-known for their migration patterns but are found in Europe and Asia throughout the year.


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