Having a dog go missing is one-of-the most depressing things a person can experience. Losing track of your dog, whether because he ran away or because he got distracted and ended up getting lost along the road, causes a great deal of anxiety for both the owner and the dog.

Until, in a narrative twist, this woman discovered that her beloved bork had not been lost, had not ran away, but had simply been snatched from her own yard by a neighbor who assumed he was a stray, as was the case with the other woman.

You can probably guess how enraged she was. Her experience was sufficient for her to share her story on Reddit. And get viral in the process.

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When your dog goes missing, it’s a terrible sensation. Still, it’s even worse when you discover that it was due to your neighbor’s negligence.

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Consequently, a 21-year-old lady, the proud owner of Mickey, an Akita who is 12 years old and whom she has owned for the past twelve years, went on Reddit to report a peculiar event she had.

The woman and her loving canine companion live in a quiet neighborhood guarded by a fence. Mickey was frequently let to spend time in the yard area of the house. Mickey was well-known, as was the identity of the proprietor.

The account of how her neighbor decided to barge into her property and steal her dog since it appeared to be a stray was shared online by a woman who shared her experience.

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New neighbors moved in one day, and it wasn’t long before the father happened to see Mickey & the woman on one of their daily walks. Because of how Mickey had been trained, he would walk a little further away from OP when he was not on a leash, but he would never run away. He would never exhibit any aggressiveness towards anybody else.

Mickey appeared to be a stray to the father. Still, the woman revealed that he is in reality her friend and has been educated to behave in this manner. And that was the finish of it.

Mickey vanished without a trace a short while later. Natural progression for the OP was to post’missing dog notices’ on the internet and aggressively hunt for him in the neighborhood.

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She found herself on the doorway of her new neighbors before she knew it. The mother walked through the door. When the OP conveyed the issue to the mother, who expressed her sympathy, the father passed behind her. He said, “baby, tell her about the canine you ascertained.”

So it turns out that the mother did see the dog in the OP’s backyard. Still, instead of dismissing it as a non-issue and assuming it was someone’s dog doing dog things & minding its own business, she decided to open the gate into someone else’s yard, enter, and take the dog because it appeared to be a stray in need of a home.

She also admitted that she had given the dog away to a friend of hers, which she did reluctantly. In her excitement, she didn’t give a thought to what was stealing, and instead raced down to the friend’s house to retrieve Mickey. She arrived, explained the issue, and recovered her dog without any difficulties.

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Now fast forward to a later date, and OP receives screenshots from the two mothers who are yelling about her, including how she dared to take a dog away from a child and was unwilling to allow another person to have a turn with the dog. In other words, the women successfully maneuvered the story to its conclusion.

She became enraged and hurried to the new neighbor’s house to give her a piece of her mind, stating that Mickey is not a toy of any kind and that they had taken someone’s dog from someone else’s property. Finally, she was labeled “the evil guy” for cursing the mother in front of her children and causing her emotional turmoil, which she was ill-equipped to deal with at the time.


An overwhelming number of queries were raised in response to the woman’s original message, prompting yet another massive update-post.

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Image credits: u/cwithoutc

& the AITA audience was split on this one as a result. The dog owner was on one side, and everyone was in agreement that the neighbor had brazenly stolen her dog and given it away to someone else. This alone is sufficient justification for filing a police report, but there are many who believe that this type of behavior is simply insane.

On the other hand, where were those who declared that everyone was to blame in this situation? However, the OP was also criticised for not chipping the dog and for not having it on a leash, as Akitas are known to be highly protective of their owners and may attack someone if they do not have their dog on a leash.

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Regardless, everything worked out for the best because OP provided a significant update, which further clarified the situation. The community appeared to assist her in her decision to file a police report against her neighbor. This is in addition to making the decision to have Mickey chipped, purchasing a leash, and considering other suggestions.

People in the community were divided, with one side supporting her and the other believing that everyone is to blame.

As a thank-you for reading this far into the article, here’s a doggo tax, courtesy of E L

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