If you’re drawn to nature more than ever before, you’re not alone. The RSPB, the UK’s largest wildlife conservation charity, has revealed new research indicating overwhelming public support for the government’s coronavirus recovery efforts, with four out of five people agreeing.

Surviving the public health crisis, for example, forced us to reconsider our life choices, values, and aspirations. One has almost universally recognized the need for increased self-care, human connection, and Mother Nature.

So, if you’re looking for some greenery, animals, or soul-soothing natural gifts, check out this incredible collection of images inspired by the r/MildlyInteresting subreddit. From a spectacular desert bloom to a frozen windscreen that resembles an award-winning Everest glacier photo to stunning blooms and odd-shaped fruits, these are the natural wonders that individuals have discovered and had no choice but to share.

#1 This Morning’s Frost Pattern On A Car

Amazing Nature

#2 How My Windshield Froze

Amazing Nature

#3 Today I saw Rainbow’s End.

Amazing Nature

We reached out to David Taberner, a nature photographer and English teacher located in Boston, Massachusetts, to learn more about the beauties-of-nature. David’s mesmerizing nature photographs can be found on his website “Decent Nature Photography.”

Nature photography, according to Taberner, is the most current iteration of his nature-based hobbies. “I’ve always spent my free time in nature, from childhood treks in the woods to long-distance hiking in my early twenties to daily dog walks around local conservation space in my adult life. I’ve always enjoyed taking images with my phone, but it wasn’t until my girlfriend got me a DSLR for Christmas that I discovered the world of photography.”

#4 These bushes in my neighbourhood resemble elephants.

Amazing Nature

#5 This Camellia Flower’s Petals

Amazing Nature

#6 The word “no” is circled in my aunt’s cat’s fur pattern.

Amazing Nature

The photographer also stated that he plans to utilize his pictures to promote conservation in the future. “I frequently wonder how much sharing my photos on the internet hurts rather than helps. Beautiful photographs of wild animals and unspoilt landscapes abound on Instagram sites like mine, leading the spectator to believe that all is fine in the natural world. The truth is that things are far from normal; “every day, more habitat is lost to development, and more carbon is emitted,” he said. Taberner also stated that his current challenge is “figuring out how not to maintain the illusion that everything is fine, but instead be an ally to the natural world.”

#7 This cat lives in the parking lot of my place of business and has extra toes.

Amazing Nature

#8 Hedgehogs that are five days old

Amazing Nature

#9 There’s a stray cat with a perfect white moustache in our neighbourhood.

Amazing Nature

When asked what nature makes it such a magical site like no other, Taberner answered that it’s hard to convey in words. he remarked. When I’m in the woods, I attempt to turn away from the buzz in my head and instead focus on the present moment. It’s a kind of meditation, and I suppose: what can I see, hear, smell, and feel? Focusing on my senses helps me feel more connected to the forest, improves my mental health, and is highly beneficial to my photography, finding compositions and noticing wildlife.”

“I don’t believe anyone can deny that people have become increasingly disconnected from nature. “The very name ‘nature’ exemplifies our separation from nature,” Taberner explained.

#10 This Geode Has The Appearance Of Ocean Waves On The Beach

Amazing Nature

#11 My Rhododendron Appears To Be Attempting To Flee

Amazing Nature

#12 Some Carrying A Glove Up A Lamp

Amazing Nature

The nature photographer feels that simply bringing people outside into nature is more complex.

Taberner believes that, despite spending so much time admiring the natural world, he is aware that practically every purchase he makes contributes to its deterioration. “The truth is that our economic system is built on the exploitation of people and the environment. “Our detachment from nature—regardless of what you or I do as individuals—will simply be baked into our way of life until we shift to a sustainable, just economy,” he said.

#13 My Cat Has One cute Little Curly Whisker

Amazing Nature

#14 Looks Like A Fish inside of this tree.

Amazing Nature

#15  Our Kitty Has 24 Toes

Amazing Nature
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