A resident of England was fortunate enough to spot an albino squirrel, a rare mutation of the small mammal, residing in a city park. Excited by the opportunity, the individual quickly took a picture of the squirrel. However, the interesting photos of the small mammal with a rare mutation do not look as nice as one might imagine. The albino squirrel’s white fur starkly contrasts the typical brown fur of its fellow squirrels. Instead, the individual remembered that these adorable animals are often compared to conventional urban mice due to their small size.

Tim Clifton from Sussex had the exciting opportunity to capture pictures of a rare albino animal while visiting the Hastings town park. While strolling through the park, he spotted the white animal and initially thought it was a seagull. However, upon closer examination, he realized that it was actually a white squirrel, a sight that is not commonly seen in the area.

He quickly grabbed his camera and snapped a few awesome pictures of the unique creature. The white squirrel, which seemed to be accustomed to human presence, approached Tim and begged for a meal, making for a truly remarkable encounter. Tim’s pictures of the white squirrel will serve as a lasting memory of this rare and special encounter.

“I was surprised when I saw this unique animal. I thought about how big it is. I sat on a bench and the wild animal came to me. It looked at me like it wanted something from me,” said Mr. Clifton.











Source Credit Bored Panda


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