Throughout human history, we have constantly been exploring and trying to understand the world around us. However, it seems that we have only just begun to scratch the surface of all the diverse and complex organisms that exist on this planet. Scientists have estimated that approximately 8.7 million species of plants and animals exist, yet only around 1.2 million of them have been identified and described so far. This means that there are millions of other organisms that remain a complete mystery to us.

The number of members in the subreddit ‘Awwducational’ is very large, and it is difficult for regular people to understand. This subreddit is about animals, and Its 4.9 million members keep sharing not well-known facts about the animal kingdom. The subreddit has been around since 2012 and still has new and interesting information about animals to share.

We at Hot Flav have already Made a list of not well-known interesting facts about Animal Kingdom. Please scroll down and taste this article, sharing it with your favorites.

#1 The Australian Western Pygmy Possum

Pygmy Possum

The Western Pygmy Possum From Australia Is A Small Animal, About The Size Of A Kiwi Fruit, But It Is One Of The Largest Types Of Pygmy Possums In The World.

#2 Arctic Fox

Arctic Fox

Arctic foxes are animals that help the environment. They make the area around their homes more fertile by leaving waste from their food. This makes the area have more plants like grasses, willows, and wildflowers. There are three times more plants in the area around the foxes’ homes than in other parts of the tundra.

Olivia Lai says that people like to look at nature and the different types of plants and animals. But we must remember that because of things people have done for a long time and changes in the weather, the creatures we share the Earth with are having a hard time.

Cutting down trees and removing land for farming is still a big problem for animals’ kingdoms and plants everywhere. This is happening on a large scale, with millions of hectares of natural places disappearing yearly.

#3 Bat Toes

Bat Toes

Bat toes are made to rest in a closed position. This means when bats are hanging on a cave or tree, their feet are relaxed.It takes energy for them to open their toes before they can fly at night.

The earth is getting worse for animals and plants because of how people are treating the environment. According to a report from the UN’s 2019 Global Assessment on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Service., 1 million species of animals and plants are in danger of disappearing forever in the next few decades.

A lot of animals and plants are extinction very fast. This shows that we are in a time when many species are disappearing. It is getting worse quickly. Scientists say that if people were not hurting nature, it would take a very long time for so many species to disappear.

#4 Bumblebees


A new study shows that bumblebees like to roll wooden balls just for fun. This is the first time that an insect has been known to play.

#5 The Resplendent Quetzal

The Resplendent Quetzal

The Resplendent Quetzal Is A Special Bird In Mesoamerica And Guatemala. It Is On The Flag Of Guatemala. They Like To Eat Avocados And Eat The Whole Before Regurgitating The Pits. This Helps Them Grow More Avocados In The Forest Where They Live.

#6 Baby Elephant

Baby Elephant

Newborn Elephants Can Stand And Walk Quickly, But It Takes Them One Whole Year To Learn How To Use Their Trunks To Drink Water.

The  International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) says that many types of animals, plants, and fungi are in danger. There are at least 38,500 species that are at risk, and more than 16,300 species are thought to be in a very bad situation. The IUCN is the main group that keeps track of how well different species are doing around the world.

Out of all the animals studied, 41% of the ones that are in danger of dying out are frogs and other amphibians. 37% are sharks and rays. 33% are corals. 26% are mammals. And 14% are birds.

#7 The Maned Wolf

The Maned Wolf

The Maned Wolf Is A Large Canid From South America. It Is The Only Animal Of Its Kind. It Is Not A Fox Or A Wolf, But It Has Long Legs Which Help It Walk In The Tall Grasses Where It Lives.

#8 Goats


An Interesting Thing To Know Is That You Can Hire Goats To Clear Weeds And Overgrowth From Your Land. Goats Eat All Types Of Plants, Even Harmful Ones Like Poison Ivy. This Is A Much Better Way To Take Care Of Weeds, As It Is Better For The Environment Than Using Chemicals.

#9 The Wild Iberian

The Wild Iberian

The number of wild Iberian lynxes has increased significantly in the last 20 years. There were only 94 of them in 2002, but now 1,111 in 2021. This is a good thing, and it happened because people are trying to protect them and more people know about them. The lynx lives in small areas of wild land in Spain and Portugal, and it is an Endangered animal.

#10 Songbirds Like This Indigo Bunting.

Songbirds Like This Indigo Bunting.

Birds that sing, like the Indigo Bunting, use the stars to find their way when they move to different places. Studies show that these birds pay special attention to the North Star, Ursa Major, and Cassiopeia when they are Migrating.

#11 The Olinguito (Bassaricyon Neblina)

The Olinguito (Bassaricyon Neblina)

Scientists found a new animal called the Olinguito in 2013. This was a big deal because it was the first new type of carnivore found in North and South America since the 1970s. The Olinguito lives in the forests of Colombia and Ecuador. This is a picture of a baby Olinguito.

#12 Blue-Footed Boobies

Blue-Footed Boobies

The Blue-Footed Booby bird has blue feet that are very bright. The color of their feet comes from their diet. If the blue is very bright, it means the bird is very healthy for their mate.

#13 Black-Footed Ferrets

Black-Footed Ferrets

The Black-Footed Ferret is a very rare and endangered animal that is found in North America. In 1979, people thought that the animal was extinct. But in 1981, a group of them was found living in Wyoming. In 2020, a baby ferret was born that was cloned. It was the first time that an endangered animal from the United States was cloned.

#14 Bat-Eared Foxe

Bat-Eared Foxe

Bat-eared foxes sleep during the day and come out at night to eat insects like termites. They have very good hearing.

#15 Gray Wolves

Gray Wolves

Gray wolves like to eat blueberries. They also like fruits, and especially when the young wolves are growing, berries can make up 80% of what the wolf pack meals.

#16 Baby Giraffe

Baby Giraffe

Giraffes are the tallest animals on Earth. Baby giraffes can stand and walk within 5 hours of being born. They spend most of their time standing and do not need much sleep. Also, baby giraffes are very cute.

#17 The Appaloosa Horse

The Appaloosa Horse

The Appaloosa is a type of horse from America that is famous for its unique and colorful spots that look like a leopard. Each horse’s color is different, and it is caused by different spots on top of one of the base colors that are known. This Appaloosa has a coat that looks like a peacock with leopard spots.

#18 The Tufted Coquette

The Tufted Coquette

The Tufted Coquette is a small bird that lives in parts of South America, such as Venezuela, Trinidad, Guiana, and Brazil. The male bird has a red top of its head and a green back with a white band on its backside. This bird is a very friendly animal in the animal kingdom.

#19 Reindeer


Most Species of deer only have antlers on the males. But for reindeer, both males and females have antlers. Female reindeer start growing antlers in May and keep them until after they have their babies in the winter. This helps protect their young from danger. (Perfect Mother’s Day Fact)

#20 The Rusty-Spotted Cat

The Rusty-Spotted Cat

The Rusty-Spotted Cat is a small wild cat that lives in Asia. It is similar in size to the Black-Footed Cat in Africa. Adults can weigh up to 3.5 pounds. They are found in Nepal, India, and Sri Lanka, and They are in danger of becoming extinct.

#21 Purple-Gold Jumping Spider (Irura Bidenticulata)

Purple-Gold Jumping Spider (Irura Bidenticulata)

The male Purple-Gold Jumping Spider (Irura Bidenticulata) has a shiny magenta and gold pattern on its body. This spider was found in Southeast Asia in 2011. It is small; usually around 5-6 mm long, and It is not dangerous to people.

#22 Desert Rain Frogs

Desert Rain Frogs

Desert rain frogs live in groups and are in danger of becoming extinct. They also enjoy digging holes in the ground.

#23 Bohemian Waxwings

Bohemian Waxwings

Bohemian Waxwings can find fruit easily, like they have a special tool to find berries. Sometimes, they fly to deserts and eat all the fruit from a small plant in a short time; then, they move on.

#24 Bat


Scientists at Tel Aviv University discovered that bats do not make random noises. They communicate with each other and use different tones of voice when talking to different bats.

#25 A Black Heron

A Black Heron

A black heron uses its wings like an umbrella to create shade and attract fish. This is called canopy feeding.

#26 Costasiella Kuroshimae (Leaf Sheep)

Costasiella Kuroshimae (Leaf Sheep)

The Leaf Sheep, also known as Costasiella Kuroshimae, can do a Chemical Process Called Kleptoplasty, In Which They Retain The Chloroplasts From The Algae They Feed On. Absorbing The Chloroplasts From Algae Then Enables Them To Indirectly Perform Photosynthesis.

#27 Cheetah


The black color lines under a cheetah’s eyes help protect them from bright light and the sun’s rays.

#28 The Pink Fairy Armadillo

The Pink Fairy Armadillo

The Pink Fairy Armadillo is a very small type of armadillo. They live in Central Argentina in areas with sandy plains and dunes.

#29 The Giant Wood Moth

The Giant Wood Moth

The Giant Wood Moth is a big type of moth in the animal kingdom. Adult females are bigger than males. They can weigh up to 30 grams and have wings that are 25 centimeters wide. They live in the forests of Australia and New Zealand.


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