Wallabies are a type of marsupial native to countries such as the UK and New Zealand. These animals are quite similar in appearance to Kangaroos and have a diet consisting of a variety of plant materials including grass, bark, leaves, fruit, and twigs. The average lifespan of a Wallaby is approximately 5 years, making them a relatively short-lived animal compared to some other species. They are often found in areas with a temperate climate and are known for their agile movements and strong hind legs, which they use for hopping and jumping.

The Detroit Zoo, home to female red-necked wallabies Eloise and Sprocket and male red-necked wallaby Mac, welcomed a new baby wallaby in October 2020. The joey, with its reddish-brown or grey coat, made its public debut recently. The wallabies are known for their distinctive red necks.

More info & Photo courtesy: Detroit Zoo



The latest addition to the Australian Outback Adventure enclosure at the Detroit Zoo is a baby wallaby, born in October 2020. This marks the first wallaby birth at the zoo in 11 years. The gender of the joey is currently unknown. The enclosure is also home to 13 red kangaroos and 2 other wallabies.





According to the curator of mammals at the Detroit Zoo, the mother wallaby is taking excellent care of her first joey. It’s been 6 months since the baby was born, and as its fur has not yet fully grown in, it is becoming more visible. Baby wallabies are known to seek refuge in their mothers’ pouches immediately after birth and require further development before becoming independent. The mother wallaby has ensured the joey’s safety during this crucial time.




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