Get ready to experience both joy and heartbreak with the Ili Pika, a captivating and little-known animal that is also among the world’s most scarce and threatened species. With an estimated population of fewer than 1,000 in its native China, these adorable creatures have not been seen in 20 years until recently captured in photographs.

The Ili Pika, a highly sought-after and elusive animal known for their cute, teddy-bear like appearance, was first discovered in 1983 in the Tianshian mountains located in the northwestern region of China. Unfortunately, the estimated population of these charming creatures has drastically declined by 70% since their initial discovery. Due to their rarity and elusive nature, scientists and researchers have limited knowledge on these fascinating animals, making them a mysterious and intriguing subject for study.

Li Weidong, a renowned conservationist, spoke with CNN about the endangered species he discovered, known as the ‘magic rabbit.’ Along with his team of volunteers, Weidong is concerned that the declining populations of this species may be caused by the effects of climate change.

More info: CNN (h/t: dailymail)

The elusive Ili Pika was recently sighted after a two-decade absence.

While conducting research, I identified a new species and observed its decline into endangered status. The possibility of witnessing its extinction firsthand is a source of tremendous guilt for me,” – Li Weidong.

Ili Pika

He and his volunteers have referred to it as the ‘magic rabbit.

Ili Pika

Li Weidong, the man who discovered and works to monitor the Ili Pika.

Li Weidong


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