Carrie Long is a licensed expert in helping wild animals. Last year, she got news about a young raccoon that needed help. The mother raccoon had left the 3-week-old baby alone and found it struggling to survive during heavy rain. Even though Carrie usually helps baby deer, she decides to take care of the baby raccoon.

Carrie is the caretaker of a non-profit organization called Texas Fawn and Friends. She rescued a baby raccoon and named him Jasper. At first, she was worried about his survival, but with her loving care, Jasper grew strong. Even though Jasper is now old enough to live on his own, he still visits Carrie’s sanctuary for abandoned deer because he loves her so much.

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Raccoon and Orphaned Deer

Jasper lives with 75 orphaned deer taken care of by Texas Fawn and Friends. He has a special connection with one deer named Hope, who also lost her mother at a young age. Jasper ensures Hope never feels alone and always rushes over to her whenever he sees her. He truly loves Hope.


Raccoon and Orphaned Deer

This person thinks their job is very fulfilling, and they predict they will take care of more than 100 baby deer without parents this year.


Raccoon and Orphaned Deer

Texas Fawn and Friends offers a safe home for needy animals and gives them a new chance to live.


Raccoon and Orphaned Deer

Carrie and her team work hard to ensure that baby deer without parents stay alive. We should be thankful for their hard work and kindness. We also want Hope and Jasper’s friendship to last forever.


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