Animal enthusiasts know that big cats like lions, tigers, and cheetahs are the most dangerous creatures in the wild. Even though they are beautiful, many people do not want to be close to these fierce animals because they are very dangerous. These big cats are the rulers of the animal world regarding danger and power. It is best to watch them from a safe distance and enjoy their beauty.

Armand doesn’t let the danger of these animals stop him from spending time with them daily. He and his wife Beatrice even spend much of their time with these dangerous animals.

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Tiger and Lion Cuddler


Tiger and Lion Cuddler

The husband and wife team operates a 200-acre wildlife park in South Africa named Iron Throne Predator and Wildlife Park. The park is a safe home for animals like lions, tigers, leopards, and cheetahs who live with other rescued animals. People can visit the park to see these amazing creatures in their natural environment and learn how they behave, their habits, and how the park is trying to protect them. The park is focused on keeping the animals safe and teaching people why they are important.


Tiger and Lion Cuddler


Tiger and Lion Cuddler

“All the animals at our sanctuary were born in captivity, and we raised 90% of them. However, our 8 lions were rescued from a facility that had to close down due to bad publicity. They now have a permanent home with us. People often question our ownership of lions, but if I could, I would rescue all captive lions in the world.”


Tiger and Lion Cuddler

“Once a cat, always a cat” is true! Armand’s cat friends love to be cuddled and play with their human friends all day. Although Armand knows working with big predator cats is dangerous, he does it willingly. He also reminds us to treat wild cats with great respect.


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