Parenthood can bring its share of challenges, especially for transgender individuals. However, a remarkable family from Portland, Oregon, is breaking barriers and showing that transgender people can create and raise loving families. Trystan Reese, a transgender man who made headlines for his pregnancy, has recently welcomed his baby boy, Leo.

Trystan Reese, a 34-year-old non-profit executive born in Vancouver, had a smooth childbirth experience with his son, Leo. He describes the most incredible moment of his life as Leo’s first breath, filling his lungs with air and making a mighty cry. Trystan and his partner Biff, who share their experiences as gay adoptive parents through a popular blog, have received overwhelming positive support on social media.


Transgender Man's
Courtesy of Trystan Reese

While sharing their personal lives with the public, Trystan and Biff face criticism and negativity. They understand that tabloids and magazines can pick up their public statements, where comments can sometimes be hurtful. Despite this, Trystan wants to show that transgender parents can have a stable marriage and safely carry a pregnancy to term with the help of experienced specialists who understand the unique concerns of transgender individuals.


Transgender Man's
Courtesy of Erin Schedler Photography

Trystan’s parenting advice is relevant to anyone aspiring to have children. First, ensure that your marriage is strong and stable. Consider every aspect of pregnancy and what it means for you as a couple. Surround yourselves with supportive individuals who uplift and encourage you. Trystan also highlights the importance of finding understanding medical professionals, especially for transgender parents, as navigating the medical system while pregnant can be challenging.

Evan Hempel, who shared his experience with People magazine in 2016, faced difficulties reconciling his transgender identity with the feminine aspects of childbirth. Trystan and his family are determined to raise resilient and intelligent children who can handle intolerance and hatred when they encounter it.


Transgender Man's
Courtesy of Trystan Reese

In a world where transgender individuals often face adversity, Trystan and his family’s story is a powerful reminder that love and family come in diverse forms. Baby Leo’s arrival proves transgender people can have children and raise families like anyone else.


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