A young elephant attempted to frighten the large buffalo bull away. The elephant charged the buffalo, but its huge horns swiftly knocked it into the air. A wildlife guide Conrad Cramer recorded the incident on camera. The little elephant gained a vital lesson while being unhurt. The occurrence had little effect on the other elephants, who considered it a necessary part of maturation.

In South Africa’s Addo Elephant National Park, an overconfident calf suddenly appeared among a group of elephants cooling down at the Spekboom lagoon. The calf wanted to join the herd, and an older buffalo headed in that direction.


elephant and buffalo

When the grown-up elephants ignored their new drinking companion, the young elephant thought it could scare a buffalo by charging at it despite being smaller. However, the buffalo didn’t run away.


elephant and buffalo

A strong bull in South Africa calmly waited until a baby elephant was within striking distance. The bull then struck the elephant with its enormous horned head. The calf was launched into the air before crashing to the floor. The bull didn’t appear to be afraid.


elephant and buffalo

The young elephant changed his mind as he approached the buffalo, but it was too late. Suddenly, the unexpected enemies met, and the young elephant’s body painfully twisted before collapsing in shame on the grass. Although the calf avoided serious injury, his pride was surely hurt, and he spent the rest of the day hiding under his mother.


elephant and buffalo


elephant and buffalo

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