This photo shows a lion family playing around, but it looks like the mom lion is in charge! The dad lion got a scolding from the mom after playing too rough with their daughter. The daughter was playfully biting the dad lion’s tail, but he pretended to be mad and pinned her down.

Amateur photographer Jennifer Lockridge captured remarkable images of two lions playing. The male lion, Luke, pretended not to notice his offspring’s attention before joining a playfight. However, their fun stopped when the mother lion arrived and bared her teeth in a fury at the male. Ms. Lockridge, 42, spotted the drama during a visit.





A lady expressed happiness about watching an interaction between a male lion named Luke and his lion cubs at a wildlife refuge. The refuge has seven lion cubs from two mothers, all of whom belong to Luke, their father. This was one of Luke’s first interactions with his cubs.





Lusaka is a five-month-old cub who loves to play and is quite stubborn. She is usually among the last to go inside, even when called. Lusaka is very attached to her father and seems to favor him the most. When they play together, it reminds people of how parents and children bond.



As the young lions become more daring, they fearlessly approach Luke with a desire to play. He doesn’t seem to mind when one of them nibbles on his tail, unaware of what’s happening. One of the cubs, Lusaka, often bites her siblings’ and even grown-up lions’ tails.


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