The Internet is one of the most significant inventions in the history of humankind. It has changed the way we communicate, learn, and access information. One of the best things about the Internet is that it allows us to discover new and exciting things without leaving our homes.

For example, you might be going about your day and stumble upon an article about a guinea pig breed that has no fur and looks precisely like tiny cute hippos. This is just one of the many amazing things that you can discover on the Internet. The Internet opens up a world of possibilities and knowledge that is truly amazing. It’s a tool that has brought the world closer together and made it a much smaller place.

Recently, pictures of hairless rodent pets (animals that are similar to rats or mice) were shared on the internet. Many people noticed these pictures and said these pets looked like baby hippos. Because these pictures were being shared a lot online, many people started to wonder how it was possible for a guinea pig not to have any hair at all.


guinea pigs

Many people think that cute, hairless animals called guinea pigs are shaved. But if you take a closer look, you will see that shaving a guinea pig would be very difficult and even harmful. This is because their skin is very delicate and sensitive, so it would be hard to do without hurting them.


guinea pigs

The Skinny Pig is a special kind of guinea pig. These guinea pigs have a unique feature: they do not have hair on their body. However, there are a few places on their body where they do have hair. For example, they have hair on their nose, feet, and legs. This makes them look different from other types of guinea pigs. They are called Skinny Pigs because of their hairless bodies.


guinea pigs

The Skinny Pig that we know today came from breeding a guinea pig with no hair with another type that has hair. The hairless type of guinea pig probably came from a gene change that happened by chance in 1978.


guinea pigs

A few years after breeding these specific types of baby guinea pigs began, in 1982, they were sent to a laboratory called Charles River Laboratories. This laboratory was responsible for continuing to breed these guinea pigs. Today, these guinea pigs are often used in scientific studies related to skin and dermatology. They are commonly used in these types of studies because of their unique characteristics.


guinea pigs

Even though Skinny Pigs are often seen in laboratories, they also make great pets that many people choose to keep in their homes. They are adorable, and many people find them to be endearing. They are easy to care for and make great companions. A Skinny Pig might be a perfect choice if you are considering getting a new pet. They are friendly, easy to take care of, and can bring much joy to your life.


guinea pigs

The skinny breed of animals has a healthy thymus and a regular immune system, just like any other breed. There are few significant differences in how they think or act compared to common breeds. But they do need to eat more food to keep their body warm. It might sound strange, but it’s like a dream for them to be called skinny and still be able to eat more.


guinea pigs

Although skinny pigs are a relatively new type of pet introduced in the 1990s, they have become quite popular in several countries, such as Canada, Europe, and Russia. This is likely due to their unique appearance and small size, which makes them an excellent option for people who live in small apartments or houses. Additionally, they are easy to care for and have friendly personalities, making them a great choice for families and individuals. Overall, skinny pigs have quickly become a beloved pet choice for many people around the world.


guinea pigs


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