On the southern Icelandic Island of Heimaey, there is a basalt rock formation that resembles a huge elephant or wooly mammoth sticking its trunk into the water.

The Vestmannaeyjar archipelago, a recent group of volcanically created islands, includes Heimaey as its largest island. When Heimaey’s Eldfell volcano erupted in 1973, the residents successfully tried to divert the lava flow away from their harbour by pumping cool saltwater onto the lava flows. The volcanic basalt that covers the entire island, including the stunning beaches that draw tourists, also generated the elephant rock. Check out our incredible nature’s magnificent creations below.

More info: vestmannaeyjar.is (h/t: colossal)


elephant rock
Image credits: shaefierce


elephant rock
Image credits: Julian Martin


elephant rock
Image credits: Diego Delso


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