A unique shark species called the tasselled wobbegong inhabits the shallow coral reefs near northern Australia, New Guinea, and neighboring islands. They have wide, flat bodies and heads and can get up to 5.9 feet long. The fringey flaps on their head and chin, which help them blend in with their surroundings, are one feature that distinguishes them.

Caves and ledges are the favored hiding places of a species known to prowl at night. These critters are often coiled up and asleep throughout the day, but as soon as dusk falls, they become more active and hunt for food. Be aware, though, that they might also attack people, even if they aren’t provoked, as some accounts imply.


Carpet Shark
Image credit: Jon Hanson

Australian biologist Gilbert Whitley said these monsters were “attacking and generally killing the indigenous” of Papua New Guinea in 1940 when he researched them. So, it is crucial to use caution when entering their domain.

To protect both our safety and that of these beautiful yet strange creatures, it is essential to study and comprehend them.


Carpet Shark
Image credit: Leonard Low


Carpet Shark
Image credit: ocean

Source Credit themindcircle


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