Imagine one of Europe’s largest countries, with over 83 million people and the highest per capita number of giant glass beer steins clinks. If Germany is the first country to mind, this article may be just what you’re looking for.

For many, this country is known for its residents’ reverence for efficiency, bureaucracy, laws, and their shared love of sausages and bread. However, there’s a lot more to it. There’s the hypnotic nature and thousands of medieval and modern castles to go along with their sophisticated language and rich culture.

Furthermore, like every other country on the planet, it has its peculiarities. To demonstrate how unique this country is Also has combed the internet and compiled a list depicting Germany’s daily life.

#1 Instead of a Bible, a copy of the United Nations Declaration Of Human Rights is left at this German hotel.

German only

#2 For a cruelty-free magical experience, a German circus uses holograms instead of living animals. It’s also enjoyable.

German only

#3 German Olympic Gymnasts Wear Unitards For The First Time To Fight Sexualization Of Women

German only
Mike Blake

We reached out to Chanuri, She is one of my friend In Germany and she provided information to ex-pats about studying, working, and living in Germany, to learn more about this exciting country. Chanuri is originally from Sri Lanka, but she moved to Germany twelve years ago to pursue a master’s degree and has never looked back.

Chanuri shared some of the fascinating discoveries she made while living there. She stated, “Germany is a very environmentally friendly country.” “Recycling is a significant deal in our town. People separate their rubbish and do not use plastic bags or straws. Thus the streets are clean.”

Another interesting point she made was that “There are no speed limits on many German motorways. Driving at speeds of exceeding 200 km/h is an exciting experience. Also, many people there “believe working on Sundays to be a’sin.'” On Sundays, you are meant to do nothing but rest. “She went on to say that work can also include things like washing laundry or mowing your lawn.

#4 When traffic in Germany comes to a complete stop, drivers are required to move to the edge of each side to provide room for emergency vehicles.

German only
Achim Engel

#5 Cherry Blossoms Bloom in Germany in April. Following the reunification of Japan, it was given to Germany as a gift.

German only

Bonn’s “Cherry Blossom Tunnel,” planted in 1980, is one of Germany’s most beautiful.


#6 Tampons are subject to a standard 19% VAT in Germany, but books are only subject to a 7% VAT. As a result, tampons are sold as a book with a catchy slogan “Periods of taxation must end. Period”

German only

“I fell in love with Germany’s stunning countryside when I first arrived. We can easily find great hiking routes or have a picnic next to a lovely lake for the weekend. “Chanuri made a list of her favourite aspects of this area. “Germany is also located in Central Europe. It is straightforward to take road vacations to other European nations close by.”

Without a doubt, Germany appears to be a wonderful place to visit. It’s “It has a high level of living. In Germany, health insurance is required, so impoverished people do not have to worry about medical bills. “Some of the advantages were mentioned by the blogger.

Germany, it turns out, has robust labour regulations and excellent job security, allowing people to achieve a perfect work-life balance. Furthermore, “Germans have a strong tendency to respect the privacy of others. They usually do not work on weekends or during non-business hours.”

“Parents can also obtain a few hundred Euros every month from the German government for each child,” she added. “Universities, as well as public & private schools, are all free. As a result, students will not have a considerable amount of debt when they graduate.”

#7 The ‘Neustadt Kunsthofpassage’ is where you’ll find the ‘Neustadt Kunsthofpassage.’ When it rains, a building in Germany plays music.

German only

#8 A German city has installed several thermally insulated Pods for homeless people.

German only

#9 Germany’s Kromlau Bridge

German only

However, no one is immune to culture shock, even if going overseas is a fantastic experience full of new adventures, diverse cultures, and unknown locations. Chanuri told Hot Flav that adjusting to the German way of life was difficult for her.

“The German language was the most challenging aspect for me at first. Learning [it] is not easy, in my opinion. Even though many Germans know English, most official documents from banks, insurance firms, and government agencies are written in German only. “She admitted that she frequently relied on her friends for assistance, mainly when dealing with the authorities.

#10 If You Do not Feel Like Taking The Stairs, The Technical University Of Munich, Germany, Has Slides On The 4th Floor.

German only

#11 The German Small Town Vilbel has run out of space in the city centre to build a new library. As a result, they construct Europe’s first and only library bridge.

German only
Dinu Dominic Manns

#12 A Wheelchair Swing In Germany

German only

People generally assume that inhabitants of this country value order and have a solid attachment to rules, and Chanuri considers this to be true. “Germans are hardworking individuals. They aren’t as fond of small conversation as we are, “she said. “Instead, they prefer to get right to work. Germans have a rigid separation of work and personal life. They must be extremely efficient to complete all tasks during office hours.”

Chanuri further stated that Germans enjoy following regulations. “In Germany, for example, jaywalking is frowned upon. People want to follow the rules and avoid making exceptions. While this is a desirable thing, it can quickly become bureaucratic and rigid.”

#13 A German professor who is a die-hard Star Wars fan recently transformed an observatory into R2-D2.

German only
Hochschule Kaiserslautern

#14 I thought I’d show you guys what we do in German schools.

German only

#15 Germany’s Wuppertal Suspension Railway

German only

Another popular misconception that appears to be true is that the people there are blunt. “It took some getting used to at first. But now I believe it is a positive thing because it is more important to know what individuals genuinely believe.” Also, it appears that Germans are obsessed with planning. “They prefer to organize parties rather than throw them on the spur of the moment. This holds for many other facets of life, such as going to the doctor, the hairdresser, or any government agency. Instead of going there without an appointment, you should make one.”

#16 Crosswalk signals may be seen in Friedberg, Germany, where Elvis Presley served in the US Army.

German only

#17 The Botanischer Garten Gie├čen, Germany’s oldest botanical garden, has an overgrown ivy-covered house.

German only

#18 Germany’s Interesting Facts

German only

Chanuri has some advice if you have a strong desire to visit this wonderful country or maybe contemplate moving there after reading this list. “If you intend to relocate to Germany, you should endeavour to learn as much German as possible. Make friends with the locals and take advantage of any opportunity to practice your German. Once you’ve mastered the language, you’ll feel more at ease.”

#19 Frankfurt am Main, Germany Stunning Geometrical Parking Provides 60% Off Available Space As Well As Easy Parking And Exit

German only

#20 Tropical Islands is a waterpark located in Germany. It’s a Tropical Island Constructed Inside an Old Blimp Hangar.

German only


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