Swedish photographer, Roger Brendhagen, loves to venture into the wilds of Sweden’s forests to capture breathtaking scenes. He is an avid Nikon ambassador dedicated to documenting rare and endangered animal species that require the world’s attention for their protection.

Roger had a fantastic encounter with an awe-inspiring White Moose in the dense forests of Sweden. Although often mistaken for albinism, this unique Moose has a rare genetic condition known as ‘Piebaldism.’ Such majestic creatures are commonly spotted in the lush forests of Sweden and Canada and are duly protected by wildlife authorities. If you ever get the chance to witness these incredible Moose, consider yourself lucky, as they are indeed a sight to behold.

More info & Photo courtesy: Roger Brendhagen | Instagram | Facebook


White Moose


White Moose


White Moose


White Moose


White Moose

During a recent conversation, Roger expressed concern about another species of animal he is deeply passionate about – the Arctic Foxes. These adorable creatures are facing the threat of extinction and are now included in Norway’s endangered list.

Unfortunately, spotting an Arctic Fox has become a rare occurrence. Despite the alarming situation, Roger finds solace in his career as he is dedicated to wildlife conservation. By working towards protecting these vulnerable animals, he believes that he is fulfilling his purpose in life.


Arctic Foxes


Arctic Foxes


Arctic Foxes

He feels upset about the alarming level of pollution in the oceans, causing harm to seagulls and other birds that inhabit the coast. Due to the large amount of garbage found near the shore, birds often use it to construct their nests, leading to fatal consequences as their feet get tangled in nets and other materials. Witnessing these birds utilizing trash for their homes along the coastline is disheartening.





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