Fashion hens, step aside; it’s time for pigeons to take the stage and shine! The pigeons we see in cities are just the tip of the feathered iceberg—there are many gorgeous and interesting pigeon species that many of us are unfamiliar with.

To demonstrate what we mean, Hot Flav has gathered images of the rarest and most stylish pigeons for your viewing pleasure. Scroll down, and tell us which fashion pigeon you liked most and why. We also know how much you care about other creatures, Hot Flav. So, after you’ve had your fill of this cool (or rather, coo’) list, be sure to check out our other postings on beautiful, strange creatures right here, here, and here.

When you learn more about pigeons, they become rather fascinating. Some biologists believe that the common city pigeon (also known as the rock pigeon) was the very first birb that humans tamed. Since at least 4500 BC, they have appeared as figurines, mosaics, and on coinage from ancient Mesopotamia. To discover more about these birds, Bored Panda has contacted the Royal Pigeon Racing Association. Continue reading for our conversation with them.

#1 Victoria Crowned Pigeon

Victoria Crowned Pigeon
The Virginia Zoo

#2 Green Pigeon with Pink Neck

Green Pigeon with Pink Neck

#3 Nicobar Pigeons

Nicobar Pigeons
Sue Demetriou

According to the RPRA, pigeons are very proficient and may reach speeds of more than 70 miles (almost 113 kilometers) per hour.

“They have been utilized in both world wars because to their speed endurance and homing qualities,” according to the RPRA.

Because of their trusting character and tranquility, the Association believes that pigeons were most likely the first birds that humans domesticated.

“They may also return to a central spot, making them simple to keep—they always return.” Meanwhile, pigeons may convey communications; Julius Caesar employed them to transmit messages to and from his army and captured territories during fights.’

#4 Blue Crowned Pigeon

Blue Crowned Pigeon

#5 Brown Frillback Pigeon

Brown Frillback Pigeon

#6 Bronzewing Pigeon

Bronzewing Pigeon

Some of us may have considered pigeons to be rather stupid on more than one occasion. But that is not the case! In 2017, researchers released a study proving that pigeons grasp the notions of location and time. Much like humans and primates.

Pigeons are also excellent navigators. They can make their way back to their nests from 1.3k miles (almost 2.1k kilometers). The most amazing thing is that they can do this even after being separated from their nests, moved in complete isolation, and rotated, so they don’t know which direction they’re moving in.

#7 Jacobin Pigeons

Jacobin Pigeons

#8 Indian Fantail

Indian Fantail

#9 African Green-Pigeon

African Green-Pigeon

Scientists are still puzzled as to why pigeons are so good at this. But one thing is certain: humans have been aware of pigeons’ navigating abilities since at least 3000 BC. People used to release caged pigeons and then track them to surrounding territory.

Furthermore, the ancient Greeks used to train pigeons to transmit Olympic results, so sports enthusiasts were always up to date! Pigeons are really intriguing and lovely creatures, and we learn new things about them every year.

#10 Capuchine/Jacobin Mix

Capuchine/Jacobin Mix

#11 Lahore Pigeon

Lahore Pigeon

#12 Ice Pigeon

Ice Pigeon

#13 Pied Imperial Pigeon

Pied Imperial Pigeon
Derek Ramsey

#14 Grey Frillback Pigeon

Grey Frillback Pigeon

#15 Spinifex Pigeon

Spinifex Pigeon

#16 Red-and-white Roller Pigeon

Red-and-white Roller Pigeon

#17 Archangel Pigeons

Archangel Pigeons

#18 English Trumpeter Pigeon

English Trumpeter Pigeon

#19 Brunner Pouter Pigeon

Brunner Pouter Pigeon

#20 Lahore Pigeon

Lahore Pigeon

#21 Fantail Pigeon

 Fantail Pigeon

#22 Kabutar Pigeon

Kabutar Pigeon

#23 Old Dutch Capuchine

Old Dutch Capuchine

#24 Scandaroon Pigeon

Scandaroon Pigeon
jim gifford

#25 Old Dutch Capuchine

Old Dutch Capuchine

#26 English Short-Faced Tumbler

Graham Manning

#27 German Modena Pigeon

German Modena Pigeon
jim gifford

#28 Oriental Frill Pigeon

Oriental Frill Pigeon
jim gifford

#29 English Carrier Pigeon

English Carrier Pigeon
jim gifford

#30 Voorburg Shield Cropper

Voorburg Shield Cropper


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